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java 1.4 Sql server 2000

i am taking input of sql query (for validation of field value against values retrieved by executing sql query) from admin user which will be stored in database and later i will executing sql query corresponding to field.Before inserting sql query in database i want to validate its syntax in java code.

Fields         Sql Query

stateCode      select statecode from states
district code  select district code from districts
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Similar question: – mlk Oct 21 '09 at 8:59
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dont think there is any (easy) way to validate sql

Sql syntax is complex and allows for alot of different ways to enter a statement.

Think you best shot would be to just execute the sql statent and if you have a SQl exception see if its a bad syntax thats causing it.

you can prepend some sql to avoid from actually executing the query

in sybase it would be SET NOEXEC ON

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Create a PreparedStatement with the query string; if this works, the query string is ok (but nothing is executed yet)

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Why would you let them enter whole sql-statements?

Just provide to fields and let them enter either the statecode or the districtcode.

Then check if the entered value is a number. And run the appropriate query with the entered value.

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its not specific.table name and column can be anything with some conditions or joins depending upon type of field. – Maddy.Shik Oct 21 '09 at 9:10

A possible solution would could be to get the explain plan of the query, if it manages to explain the query I guess it must be valid. Down side is that it won't like parametrised queries.

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how to get explain plan of a query? – Maddy.Shik Oct 21 '09 at 10:39
that's a very good question. haven't a clue how to do it on sql-server, sorry. – Gareth Davis Oct 21 '09 at 14:09

You could do SET FMTONLY ON and then execute the query and see if it works. Just remember to do SET FMTONLY OFF in a finally block, since it's a connection-level setting.

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You may need a full SQL Parser to do such a vendor-specific offline SQL syntax check.

Take a look at this demo which including some Java and C# code:

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