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I've started recently to learn C# and to build some desktop applications. Now I'm asking myself where can I find free icons, wav and small mp3 files which can be used in my applications.

many thanks

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the term "free" sometimes only applies only in personal domain (does not work on commercial domain). be sure to check the license for details. – Raptor Oct 21 '09 at 9:25

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I think you need to give up the word "free" and look more at what are you going to need and use:

Many icons / resources can be "free" but only under certain situasions, like only if your application is open source, freeware, your a private person and so on. What you need to do is look at the different licenses like

public domain ( This means you free to use it for anything )
creative commens - Has many different once
Open source - Here there is more license types then atoms in the univers (almost at least).

Basicly it boils down to finding out you can live with ( In terms of open source the app, or pay) and then finding licenses that fitt that need. Searching for Public domain is a "safe" bet, but your chocies are gonna be limted

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There are some nice icons here: Silk Icons

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