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Screening through my code and I found I use two ways to end my code (after the = ). Just curious which is better way to use?


1) ActiveSheet.Columns("A:BG").EntireColumn.ColumnWidth = [AP2]

2) ActiveSheet.Columns("A:BG").EntireColumn.ColumnWidth = Range("AP2").Value

Any opinion?

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Both are the same... However use second line which is mostly used and more popular than first one. First can make confusing for non experienced programmers. – KazimierzJawor Apr 14 '13 at 6:35

All of these produce the same result

Cells(2, 42)
Cells(2, 42).Value
Cells(2, 42).Value2

They are listed in ascending order of efficiency (ie Cells is fastest)

Which is 'best' is subjective, and up to you to decide for your situation.


EntireColumn is redundant, since Columns("A:BG") already specifies whole columns.

If compact is your aim, it can also be written as

[A:BG].ColumnWidth = [AP2]
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Thank you for helping me to understand VBA better – King Apr 14 '13 at 7:50

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