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I am new to Jade and Scalate. I have the following route defined:

get("/") {
    "pageTitle" -> "Welcome to Jade",
    "welcomeMessage" -> "Hello my pretties")

And the template:

-@ val pageTitle: String
-@ val welcomeMessage: String

!!! 5
    title= pageTitle
    h1= welcomeMessage

The error I get on page render is:

The value for 'title' was not set
org.fusesource.scalate.NoValueSetException: The value for 'title' was not set
at org.fusesource.scalate.RenderContext$$anonfun$attribute$1.apply(RenderContext.scala:159)

Even if I remove the line title= pageTitle I still get the error. What is the error referring to and how do I fix it?

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I didn't notice default.scaml in the layouts folder. It was defining, but not setting, title.

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