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In a situation where a ---

  • Client connects to an asp.net (which uses the signalR FW) and upgrades the connection to a webSocket connection(tcp)


  • Client connects to a Node.js server (and also upgrades the connection)

Question :

If the server now wants to initiate message sending , does it dedicate a new thread to do it ? because if it does , I can't see how signalR||Node.js is scalable because sending a message to a 100K users , can crash the system.

or am I missing something :-) ?

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node will use only one thread by default. If you have the resources, you use a cluster of node instances. –  Zeta Apr 14 '13 at 8:48

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For SignalR the number of threads has no correlation to the number of sockets open to clients.

So answer is No.

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