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Often the branch coverage is referred as a decision coverage,however they are not the same. Can anyone give me an example following the definition below and showing how decision coverage can be lesser than branch coverage?

BS 7925-2 Clause 4.7.1 uses the definition of branch provided in the accompanying Standard Glossary, BS 7925-1. Like the definitions of branch in IEEE 610.12 and the ISTQB Glossary, this definition includes "unconditional branches" such as free-standing GOTO, CALL,etc., as well as "conditional branches" such as IF/ELSE, SWITCH/CASE, WHILE and UNTIL, etc. Under this definition, branch coverage and decision coverage may be quite different at any coverage level, but in particular, 100% branch coverage "subsumes" (includes) 100% decision coverage. This means that when you've got 100% branch coverage, you are guaranteed to have 100% decision coverage; but 100% decision coverage doesn't guarantee 100% branch coverage. This is because (by these standard definitions) the term “branch” includes control flow mechanisms that are not “decisions”. Therefore (and despite statements in BS 7925-2 and ISTQB's Advanced Syllabus), branch coverage may exceed decision coverage at the 100% level.

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