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I mean something like:

<string name="error" color="#9a1d1d">Error!</string>
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maybe this link can help you : stackoverflow.com/questions/6674183/… –  SAbbasizadeh Apr 14 '13 at 8:36
Another alternative is to something like this: <string name="error"><font color="#9a1d1d">Error!</font></string> and call Html.fromHtml(...) on it. See here for an example. Personally, I prefer the flexibility of Spannable (Raghunandan's answer), but some people conceive working with html as more easy. –  MH. Apr 14 '13 at 19:11

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As suggested by rekire not possible to set color the way you are doing.

You can use the method as suggested by rekire.

In you xml you can specify color for your textview as


You can also set text color programaticaly

  TextView tv= (TextView)findviewById(R.id.textView1);

To set color of particular words in textview, you can use spannable string

    TextView tv= (TextView)findviewById(R.id.textView1);
    String s="Hello World";
    SpannableString ss=  new SpannableString(s);                
    ss.setSpan(new ForegroundColorSpan(Color.GREEN), 0, 5, 0);  
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Thx, i think i'll use this method because i have to print more strings in the same textview based on the situation, so i can't set the color in the layout. –  Gimmy88 Apr 14 '13 at 9:00

No this is not possible you have to specify that in your layout. But you can put the color in your colors.xml.


<color name="foo">#abc123</color>


<TextView android:textColor="@color/foo" android:text="@string/error" />
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Try this one

<string name="some_text">Font color is <font fgcolor="#ffff0000">red</font></string>
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did not work for me, anyone else that got this to work? edit: ah, wait..you need to use html.fromhtml for this –  Boy 17 hours ago

Its possible try this..


<string name="colorText"><![CDATA[ Give your string here. Like, This sentence has a<b><font color=#FF0000>Red color</b> text.]]></string>


TextView colorTextView = (TextView)findViewById(R.id.colorText);
String customColorText = getResources().getString(R.string.colorText)

Happy coding....

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In my experience, I stored color in strings.xml look like

<color name="name_color">#ffffff</color>

When I have an View and set `


it's OK.

But when I set color for text look like


it's not Effect.

If you get the same problem, just set

name_TextView.setTextColor(Color.parseColor("code hexa of color you want"));

Hope it help.

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In string.xml file put this code,
<font color="Red"><a href="support@legacystories.org">HERE</a></font>
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  1. Create a colour in colors.xml file in values

      <color name ="red">#ff0000</color>
  2. In your strings.xml do something like

      <string name="some_text">The next word is <font fgcolor="red">red</font> but that is all</string>

I found I could not use the hex code directly in strings.xml

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<string name="pbs_setup_title">Select %1$s <font fgcolor="#FF33B5E5">brand</font> or scan the <font fgcolor="#FFFF0000">Remote</font></string>


String SelectedDeviceType_Str = "TV"

SetupYourDevice_TextView.setText(Html.fromHtml(String.format(Html.toHtml(new SpannedString(getResources().getText(R.string.pbs_setup_title))),
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In Strings.xml:

        <color name="etDisabled">#ac8888</color>
        <color name="myorange">#f56415</color>
        <color name="mygreen">#95cd08</color>

Then in the code:

 TextView myText = (TextView) findViewById(R.id.tvJugador1);
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