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can somebody tell me why this does not work:

echo 'oaktree.addItem("test1", branch1, "")';
echo 'oaktree.addItem("test2", branch1, "")';

When i take this out of PHP, it works like expected but when doing echo in does nothing... Thanks.

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You're missing ; behind the function:

echo 'oaktree.addItem("test1", branch1, "");';
echo 'oaktree.addItem("test2", branch1, "");';

echo does not automatically include a new line. The above would echo as:

oaktree.addItem("test1", branch1, "");oaktree.addItem("test1", branch1, "");

Which is why the ; is mandatory for it to work. You can also include a new line yourself but adding a ; by default is a better approach.

You could have probably spotted this error by looking at the source of the page or opening up the console.

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