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Is it possible to change In-App purchase name synchronously with new app version? I've made changes to my In-App purchase and I want it's new display name to appear on iTunes at the same moment when the new app version appears on iTunes. I couldn't find it out from iTunes Connect developer guide. When I change In-App Purchase display name on iTunes Connect it gets Waiting For Review status but I can see now way to tie this with my new app version release.

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These are two different kind of review processes. If you upload your app, you should be able to update the In-App-Purchase Display Name without the review process.

If your app is already uploaded and you are updating the app to a higher version, it is independent from the changed Display Name of you In-App-Purchase. I'm still looking for the duration of the Display Name. Will be updating my post if I can find something.

Here are some information about In-App-Purchases inside the Apple Documentation

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