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I am not really familiar with CSS, and come across the following problem:

I am making list of 3 item (actually they are divs), and added an image title, and some description inside each of them. Everything was good, till that time when I was requested to add another block after this one... And after I tried it, I investigated that the added block almost completely covers the news list :(

here is the code which generates a news list + style

// in loop for 3 items
<div class="newslist">
  <a href="{{ item.get_absolute_url }}">
    <img  src="{% thumbnail item.main_image 230x220 crop %}" alt="{{ item.image_description}}"/>
  <br />
  <a href="{{ item.get_absolute_url }}" class="article_title">{{ item.title }}</a>
  <p>{{ item.short_description|truncatewords:35}}</p>


    width: 22%;
    padding: 10px;   
    text-align: left;


.newslist a{
    color: #be1e2d;

.newslist a:hover{

.newslist br{
    padding: 10px;


.newslist img{
    padding: 5px;
    border: 1px solid #CCCCCC;

.newslist p{

.newslist a:hover img{
    border: 1px solid blue;


The complete code of homepage is here:

Here is the screenshot of the problem if following:

And also the code of new block is following:

<div id="newblock">  



I just added bg color in styles...

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Try clearing your floats and see if that helps. Also, make sure your page validates.

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The article you showed helped me!!! Thanks. I will try to validate my CSS & HTML in future. Thanks!!! – Oleg Tarasenko Oct 21 '09 at 13:18

I'm not sure I fully understood your problem. I would advise you to wrap all the newslist into an outer wrapper. Then, positioning the newsbox below this should be trivial. Again, could you please explain a bit better the error in your screenshot?

share|improve this answer here I added some details to the image. (After removing float:left near newslist class all blocks are displayed in rows but height is fine) – Oleg Tarasenko Oct 21 '09 at 13:15

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