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Is it possible to instantiate a Controller class within another controller class using the Yii Framework

For example I have controller Student and and method actionShow of class student I have the following

public function actionShow()

    	$student = $this->loadStudent();

    	$studentContact = new Student_ContactController;

    	//Checking if there was an ajax request



Is it possible to include this action in the method $studentContact = new Student_ContactController;

Getting errors, :-(

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It is more likely you have a design problem, try refactor your code. Data should be Model not controller. –  Boris Guéry Oct 21 '09 at 10:09

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I do not know the Yii framework, but as it is an MVC framework, then getting data should be part of the model, therefore $studentContact should be an instance of a model, not of a controller.

If you really want to instanciate an instance of a controller then call the constructor with brackets:

    $studentContact = new Student_ContactController();
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