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Let me explain what I am trying to achieve here:

Create 5 copies of same service each listening to a queue specific to them. The message they listen to would be same

SVC1 listening to Q1
SVC2 listening to Q2
SVC3 listening to Q3
SVC4 listening to Q4
SVC5 listening to Q5

Say they all listen to a message called TestMessage.

Do a Round Robin load balancing between these 5 services and drop the message to the applicable queue based on the output of my round robin logic

My question how do I configure to drop TestMessage to one queue at a point of time.

Thanks in advance

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Please take a look at the built-in Distributor. This will perform the load balancing for you and take care of all the work distribution.

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The Distributor is what you need to use. It has its own input queue and a queue for available workers. Everytime a worker is available, it will place a message in the distributors input queue and the distributor will send it the next message in its input queue.

Below is a sample application by Mikael Koskinen that demonstrates how to use this:

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