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I am using Play 2.1 JSON Reads to achieve a conditional transformation.

I have a json object and I want to transform an optional field removing \n chars.The problem is that if I remove the content from the sent JSON, I obtain a validation error.

This field is optional and I don't know how to describe that the transformation is optional. This is the current content transformation:

     val transformContent = (__ \ 'content).json.update(__.read[JsString].map{ 
         value =>
        JsString(value.value.replaceAll("\n", ""))

How can I obtain an optional field transformation? Should I use the Reads.verifyingIf?


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You can do this:

val json = Json.obj("whatever" -> 1, "content" -> "hello world")
val json2 = Json.obj("whatever" -> 1)

val transformer = (__ \ 'content).json.update(
    case Some(JsString(str)) => JsString(str.replaceAll("world", "scala"))

//JsSuccess({"whatever":1,"content":"hello scala"},)

Little hacky, but it works.

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