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I'm looking for best way to automate generation of REST ws. We have collection of web services (SOAP) with WSDLs generated for them. I was required to provide different APIs to invoke these web services. (PHP, Pyton, REST, CLI ...) One of requirement is to have REST API for these ws.

What is the best way to generate REST client/server, is there any automatic tools for that? There is a chance that WSDLs will change each release.


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REST and WSDL are fundamentally opposite and incompatible concepts.... WSDL/SOAP services are built around functions and methods (do something with customer), while REST is based on resources (HTTP GET /customer/5). I highly doubt you'll be able to get any meaningful "transformation" of a SOAP WSDL into anything that even remotely resembles a REST service.... –  marc_s Apr 14 '13 at 11:58
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It's not possible to generate REST API from WSDL. You can't mix oranges and apples

SOAP is protocol build on top of HTTP. WebService is set of methods, actions to do something. You can see WebService as sophisticated RPC. Generally we can say that WebServices are about verbs, to call remote method/action. WebService also doesn't have uniform interface and that's the reason why WSDL exists.

REST is architectural style (scope is broader than just API). REST API is set of resources and representations. Resource is source of an information and is managed via uniform interface. Generally we can say that REST API is about nouns. Because all resources must have uniform interface there is no need for WADL (an unsuccessful attempt to create something like WSDL for REST).

I doubt that you can automatically transform verbs into nouns, etc.

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