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look at the 3th candle, Open > Close, but candle is empty, why? [1365870600000,3879.8,3879.8,3806.0,3860.0]

// create the chart
var data = [[1365867000000,3905.1,3943.7,3903.6,3903.9],[1365868800000,3903.8,3940.0,3804.0,3804.0],[1365870600000,3879.8,3879.8,3806.0,3860.0],[1365872400000,3920.0,3920.0,3859.0,3870.0],[1365874200000,3900.0,3900.0,3615.8,3852.0],[1365876000000,3702.1,3702.1,3502.0,3554.9],[1365906600000,3411.19,3472.54,3324.8,3400.0],[1365908400000,3460.0,3462.9,3400.0,3462.9],[1365910200000,3472.54,3498.58,3401.0,3498.0],[1365912000000,3420.0,3469.9,3400.0,3429.9],[1365913800000,3455.0,3467.0,3402.0,3466.0]];
    $('#container').highcharts('StockChart', {

        rangeSelector : {
            selected : 1

        title : {
            text : 'AAPL Stock Price'

        series : [{
            type : 'candlestick',
            name : 'AAPL Stock Price',
            data : data,
            dataGrouping : {
                enabled: false
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You think it should be dark because the third close is lower than the third open. But the logic is in fact "dark if close is lower than previous close." See here: https://github.com/highslide-software/highcharts.com/issues/1395

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On the real chart from btc-e it is dark:) –  WWTLF Apr 14 '13 at 14:20

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