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Initial situation

  • video1, h264 (but the codec isn't actually important I guess), duration 10 seconds, non-transparent
  • video2, flv, duration 10 seconds, transparency

Using video1 as "starting", "background" clip. then after second 5 i'd like to overlay video2 on it. Resulting in a 15 seconds clip.

let me explain it more graphically

video1: 111111111111111111
video2:          222222222222222222
result: 111111111333333333222222222

Using the FFmpeg overlay filter like this

ffmpeg -i K00187_KOMIKER_NIAVARANI_MICHAEL_01.mp4 -i alpha_vid.flv \
  -filter_complex "overlay" test.mp4

Of course this just overlays both videos and stops right after video1 has ended.

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This sounds like a job for -itsoffset

ffmpeg -i K00187_KOMIKER_NIAVARANI_MICHAEL_01.mp4 -itsoffset 10 \
  -i alpha_vid.flv -filter_complex overlay test.mp4
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Thanks! I've found the parameter before and indeed shifts the second video, but the resulting video is still bound to the length of the original video. Is there no way to merge/overlap/combine them? – müngi Apr 14 '13 at 15:36

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