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I have a Facebook canvas app, which calls FB.getAuthResponse() first and, if necessary, FB.login(). The documentation of the JS SDK clearly states FB.login() opens a login popup window, which is correct when I hit the canvas URL directly. However, when I do the same thing in the canvas page as an anonymous user a "Not logged in" lightbox appears and redirects to the login page.

Is there any way of unifying this behaviour (preferably always using popup)?

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Turns out it's possible to explicitly specify the 'format' of the login window when using JS SDK - FB.login() accepts the display parameter which defines the display mode of a window.

The final code looks like this:

var authResponse = FB.getAuthResponse();
if (authResponse && authResponse.signedRequest) {
} else {
    FB.login(function(response) {
        if (response && response.authResponse) {
    }, {scope:'email', display: 'popup'});
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