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Can you please guide me to the right path in modifying the droppable photo manager example? I want to clone image from Gallery section to Trash instead of moving the image from Gallery to Trash. It is now doing cut and paste. What I want is copy and paste. I'm using jQueryUI 1.10.2


jQuery UI (Shopping Cart) has almost this functionality but didn't have the DELETE and RECYCLE options.


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Change the deleteImage code to not move the droppable element but rather clone it an move it to the "trash", though I guess you'll need to call it something other than deleteImage

function deleteImage( $item ) {
    var $list = $( "ul", $trash ).length ?
      $( "ul", $trash ) :
      $( "<ul class='gallery ui-helper-reset'/>" ).appendTo( $trash ),
      $clone = $item.clone();

    $clone.find( "a.ui-icon-trash" ).remove();
    $clone.append( recycle_icon ).hide().appendTo( $list ).fadeIn(function() {
        .animate({ width: "48px" })
        .find( "img" )
          .animate({ height: "36px" });
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Thanks for reply. –  Zee U Apr 14 '13 at 18:42
Thanks for reply, it works the way I want :) And of course function name will be changed for this case, any how When I click on (Recycle Image) it shows (Page Not Found), instead of Removing the image that I click on its Recycle option :( –  Zee U Apr 14 '13 at 18:49

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