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I use carrierwave and omniauth(and omniauth-facebook) gems in my app. I think it makes no sense to describe how I use these gems. I get image from request.env["omniauth.auth] and save it to @user.remote_avatar_url. How I can resize this image before saving to db? Or remote image use only original size from source(facebook)?

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you can't resize image, because omniauth only save url image into database, but you can config on view image , example : <%= image_tag image_url(comment.user), "style" =>"width:50px;height:50px;" %> ref : this and here – anonymousxxx Apr 14 '13 at 14:43

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I found answer.

All what I needed its use AvatarUploader for user model. Field @user.avatar was filled and image was resized automatically. And then I can use @user.avatar_url(:thumb)<--(for example).

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