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I am trying to develope a simple wordpress widget and have failed miserably so far. My own widget would not show up in the admin panel at all so i decided to try the sample widget code supplied in the wordpress codex @

The same problem persists and i can't seem to find a solution anywhere online.

Exact code i tried:

The file is stored in wp-content/plugins/Foo_Widget.php

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There was a very simple answer to this question not mentioned in the codex and something that will probably be obvious to someone used to developing for wordpress, but i will leave it here to let others having the same problem find.

On the top of the file there should be something similar to this:

Plugin Name: Foo Widget
Description: Foo widget
Version: 1.0
Author: name
License: GPL2
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Make sure if you have activated you widget plugin under plugin section.

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