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This is the query i use for getting the data out of my database

    product_description.name as name, 
    product.image as iurl
    product_description, product
    product_description.product_id = product.product_id
    AND product.product_id
    AND product.product_id = '33';
  1. Why is this query producing double results?

  2. I want to automaticly search by multiple values (id's) stored in database instead of manually adding the AND product.product_id='?' part. Values are stored in serialized form.

something like

... AND product.product_id in (setting.value WHERE key='featured');

I know that query is not correct, just trying to show what i want.

table 'setting':

value    | key
23,43,28 | featured
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FIND_IN_SET, but reconsider your design, some normalisation might be more apt. –  Wrikken Apr 14 '13 at 14:57
@Wrikken would love to, but im trying to fetch some data from existing opencart database to show on my website. –  Biker John Apr 14 '13 at 15:00
Well, just so you know it's generally a bad idea to have more then 1 value in 1 column. If alterations aren't possible, WHERE FIND_IN_SET(product_id,setting.value) should work here. –  Wrikken Apr 14 '13 at 16:18

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To get the details of all products which are stored in your settings table (comma separated) you can use FIND_IN_SET()

    product_description, product
    product_description.id = product.id
    AND FIND_IN_SET(product.id, ( SELECT value FROM setting where `key` = 'featured' ) );


Note: The reason why you see duplicated entries could be because there are multiple descrioptions for a particular product, you can handle this using GROUP_CONCAT The following should work


Your database design is not good, It should be something like

product             -- All my products go here
product_details     -- Details of all the products ( A product could have multiple details)
categories          -- eg: Featured, Seasonal
product_categories  -- association of product to categories
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This is somehow breaking the relational paradigm, you should have three entries with values 23, 43 and 28.

Then again I'm guessing field value is a varchar (do you know "value" and "key" are reserved words by mysql ?) so you might want to look inside the string to find pattern ",23," inside the field. Something like : WHERE CONCAT(',', field_value, ',') LIKE "%,23,%"

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