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I want to connect my java application to the system web browsers (regardless which and how many browsers exist).

All I want is when my application is running any URL the user trying to reach via any browser in the system must be captured by my application. How can i do that with java? and if it possible but with connecting it to libraries or other API's it's OK with me.

p.s. i'll run this application on Windows only.

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catch(Exception e) {
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Depending on the OS, this will vary, such as on Windows start http://www.example.com will open the browser, where as in OSX, you have to do a open http://www.example.com. These are the system commands that you would have to invoke from Java.

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"Depending on the OS, this will vary," There is a J2SE method for it. See my answer. –  Andrew Thompson Apr 14 '13 at 23:12

You can rather create a Web Browser using cross-platform support: All you need is:

  • A user interface api such as AWT and Swing
  • A net API(java.net)
  • File and stream handling API(java.io)

All these are available in J2SE library, but you will need some additional apis such as HTML renderers api. In android use WebKit

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