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I'm having difficulties creating a query on the following table:

Table Stats:
Column name       Type
STNAME            String
AREANAME          String
Population2010    Number
Population2011    Number

I'd like to list all the AREANAME for a particular STNAME, let's say STNAME = "NEVADA", and absolute change in population as of 2011 (POPULATION2011) compare to 2010 (POPULATION2010) for that AREANAME. The query should create a new column called "Result" that shows whether the change is an increase or decrease, something like this:

Name                Change    Result
Abberville City     100       Increase
Jefferson City      50        Decrease
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You should be able to use something like the following which gets the change value between the population2010 and population2011 for each areaname and then uses a CASE expression to get the result:

select areaname,
  abs(population2010-population2011) Change,
    when population2010 > population2011
    then 'Decrease'
    else 'Increase'
  end Result
from stats
where stname = 'Nevada';

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

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