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I'm trying to develop a plugin for wordpress. Everything works fine, but when I pass parameters by URL says:

You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

Here is my code:

<?php add_action('admin_menu', 'theme_options_add_pages');

function theme_options_add_pages() {
    add_menu_page('Theme Options', 'Theme Options', 1, __FILE__, 'main_page');

function main_page() { ?>

<div id="theme-options-container">
    <div id="theme-options-header">
        <img id="theme-options-logo" src="../wp-content/plugins/theme-options/images/wordpress-logo-hoz-rgb.png" alt="Your logo here"/>
    <div id="theme-options-clear">
        <div id="theme-options-sidebar">
            <div class="shadow"></div>
            <ul role="navigation">
                <li id="theme-option-general">
                    <a href="#"><div class="theme-option-image"></div>General Settings</a>
                <li id="theme-option-styles">
                    <a href="#"><div class="theme-option-image"></div>Styling Options</a>
        <div id="theme-options-content"></div>
<?php }

Does anyone know why I get this error? Thanks

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You need to specify a capability and a slug:

add_menu_page( 'Theme Options', 'Theme Options', 'manage_options', 'my-theme-options', 'main_page' );


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