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Believe it or not, I intend to use Android's Embedded Audio (MIDI) Synthesizer, which seems to be accessible via the JetPlayer API only.

The available toolchain is driving me mad. I can't figure how to get an authentic (target-like) sound out of anything at the touch of a button.

There's JetCreator but it requires exact versions of Python and wxPython to be installed (seriously, I've tried it) on a Win or Mac machine. It promises to provide the exact same sound as an Android but only if you feed it with MIDI files. And not on Linux.

Out of the, well, dozens of Apps out there, not a single one seems to have a hint in its descriptions about whether or not it uses the built-in EAS or comes with its own soundfont, wavetable or whatever.

I've found MidiSheetMusic which is a real gem and allows you to choose from all General Midi instruments freely for playback -- presumably using the EAS --, but again, it will only playback MIDI files -- it's designed for a different purpose.

I've also found MyPiano and its friends, and I have the impression they use the EAS, they even let you set the available effects -- but each app gives only access to a limited number of instruments, so there's no way to access the full spectrum.

I must be on the wrong track here or something, I just don't get it why even using search engines doesn't get me any further. There must be a way to play around with this platform feature without laughable turnaround times and the necessity for an exotic, separate Python installation on a separate/virtual machine, no?

If you find this off topic I can only kindly ask you to be generous. I honestly don't think this is of no interest. But if I'm wrong then flag me.

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