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I'm currently upgrading an application who uses google maps api v2 into the v3 and I ran into this weird problem: apparently you can no longer easily move the pan and zoom controls to a custom position;

The zoom controls are currently located in the top left corner. We have a slider menu that slides from the left side and covers the zoom controls. To avoid that the application used to move the zoom controls 500px to the right when the panel is open and 0px when the panel is closed.

I have had a very hard time to get this working on a API v3. I have reached a solution which I do not think is acceptable and am looking for better ways to get the job done, hope you can help me.

What I have tried:

  • Custom DIV who sits on the left of the zoom control. Problem: it completely breaks the map.setCenter or map.panTo commands.
  • A weird .gmnoprint selector that returns a bunch of divs with .gmnoprint class. For firefox/chrome the zoom/pan controls are within the 5th div and for internet explorer it's on the 42nd (unless you have the console open, in that case it's the 35th or something)

I am currently using the 2nd solution but I feel like this is not a viable long run solution.

The application uses a very old version of jQuery (1.4 I think?) and is not viable to upgrade it due to incomprehensible design decisions.

Thanks in advance.

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