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Scenario: To generate multiple reports from the database, we execute the batch file in command prompt like

C:\program files> cmdbatchtest1.bat servername date Y Y

With VBScript I tried to do similar:

set shell=createobject("")
shell.Run "test1.bat.bat", 1, True '''''able to execute batch file alone
shell.Run "cmd /K "& com_e & """\tp.bat""" & "&&" & c & "&&" & d, 1, True '''' unable to execute

Please help me to get this working.
Thanks in advance.

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@Fuzzy Button when you suggest an edit please fix spelling mistakes and clean up grammar as well as doing the code formatting. A suggested edit should fix all the issues in the post. – Kate Gregory Apr 14 '13 at 18:05
I did fix a number of them (missed one I noticed after)... not sure what happened to them! – AjV Jsy Apr 14 '13 at 18:07

In the line that isn't working, you're passing && as arguments to the batch script. The command interpreter is probably trying to execute cmd /k path\to\tp.bat&&server&&date. Try just changing && to Space like this:

shell.Run "cmd /K "& com_e & """\tp.bat"" " & c & " " & d, 1, True

If that doesn't fix it, I think we'll need to see how your variables com_e, c and d are set.

Also, please be aware that shell.Run has potential security problems. Wickedly crafted values of c or d could cause this line to execute extra, potentially destructive commands. Consider using the Shell.Application object's Shell.Execute method instead.

set shell=CreateObject("Shell.Application")
' shell.ShellExecute "application", "parameters", "path", "verb", window
shell.ShellExecute "tp.bat", c & " " & d, com_e, "runas", 1
set shell=nothing 

See the answers to this question for more information.

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The problem with ShellExecute is that it's always asynchronous, so there's no simple way to wait for the external command to complete. – Ansgar Wiechers Apr 14 '13 at 18:47

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