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I am currently using netbeans GUI drag and drop form, i have a combobox, and i want the combobox value to change based on data received from a database. The other textboxes are receiving their data correcly, the main problem is with the combobox.

   String x = tI.getStatus();

   if(x == "Assigned"){
   else if(x == "In progress"){
   else if (x == "Pending"){
   else if(x == "Completed"){

can anyone tell me how to change the index of the combo box based on data received from database. thanks.

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Use String.equals to compare String content. The == operator compares Object references.

if (x.equals("Assigned")) {
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You can't compare Strings with ==, use equals()

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Yes thats true, i forgot about that. Its working now, thanks a lot man :) That was indeed a silly mistake :( – avi Apr 14 '13 at 16:46

Use String.equals(). The == operator compares if two Strings reference the same String object; not if they have equal characters in the String.

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