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I'm in the situation where I have one address that's fairly reliable since it's being updated with a program on the server, that we can call foo.freedns.com. This DNS entry always has the correct IP for this reason. Then we have the manually configured bar.com which obviously will stop working as soon as the server IP address changes (which it will).

So what I'm wondering is, how can I make sure the DNS record for bar.com is identical to foo.freedns.com at all times? Can I simply create a DNS entry at the company that handles bar.com for me, and instead of redirecting it to the current IP, I redirect it to foo.freedns.com? I have a feeling this will not work, but I am not sure.

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No, you cannot create a CNAME record for bar.com. bar.com is at a zone apex and must therefore have SOA and NS records. A DNS name cannot have a CNAME record together with any other type of record.

Your options are to switch to using a DNS name that isn't at a zone apex (e.g. foo.bar.com) and put a CNAME on that, or use dynamic DNS to update the A and AAAA records of bar.com whenever the addresses change.

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