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My goal is to make graphs from data within excel files that users have uploaded to Amazon S3.

I've already implemented the functionality for users to upload the excel files with Carrierwave, now I need to be able to access the data and make it presentable for use with a charting library (Highcharts).

The task that I am stuck on is directly accessing the data in S3 through Rails. Once the data is pulled it should be fairly straightforward to manipulate it with Highcharts.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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You can use the AWS SDK:

require 'aws-sdk'

# retrieve the access key and secret key
access_key_id = ENV["ACCESS_KEY_ID"]
secret_access_key = ENV["SECRET_ACCESS_KEY"]

# create an instance of the s3 client
s3 = AWS::S3.new(access_key_id: access_key_id, secret_access_key: secret_access_key)

# get the bucket
bucket = s3.buckets['your-bucket-name']

# retrieve the objects
bucket.objects.each do |object|
  puts object.key
  puts object.read
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Also, would there be security implications for placing the access key info directly into the function? –  Anconia Apr 14 '13 at 22:39
Sorry, I didn't post a complete implementation. You're right; you shouldn't put your keys directly in the code. I usually stick them in an environment variable. I'll update my answer. –  LandonSchropp Apr 15 '13 at 17:58

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