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Normally Eclipse 'File Compare' compares files in vertical panels like:

Compare using Vertical Panel

Is there a way I can compare them horizontally like:

Compare using Horizontal Panel

Its too tiring to scroll everytime to see what was changed!!


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Scrolling up/down or left/right? If L/R, get a wider monitor (see the joel test item #9: – BCS May 21 '10 at 19:15
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Looking at the code of org.eclipse.comparator.internal.CompareEditor (which is the name of the class of the editor illustrated in your question), I do not see any indication of a different "orientation" (horizontal layout vs. vertical layout)

So, no. I do not think the current implementation allows you to compare files with a different layout.

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I'm afraid VonC is right that the current implementation doesn't support changing the layout, but there is a bug open for it so you can either provide a patch or ping guys from Eclipse Workspace Team (including me :) and ask them to fix it for you ;)

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I guess Robert was referring to Select Next/Previous Change/Difference buttons (see section Toolbar in Eclipse Help).

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If your problem is scrolling, use the toolbar buttons to navigate between changes.

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Didn't completely understood what you mean by toolbar buttons...if the source content width is more than 70 (I am using a 21" monitor) I still have to scroll using the mouse...e.g. in BeycondCompare I can change the view to horizontal/vertical I am looking something like that. – lud0h Oct 21 '09 at 12:20

One way to overcome your problem is to Maximize editor window during file compare, and then Restore it after compares are done. I wish Eclipse did it by default.

As to the question of orientation. I think it's more readable when you compare revisions side-by-side. That's probably why Eclipse authors did not give us an option of horizontal layout. What they could have given us were a line diff at the current cursor position.

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