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So I have this code that will create a new form input field, it is inside a javascript method that fires on each mouse click within a Google Maps window. Right now it is creating each form on a single line, how would I get each new form to show up below the previous one?

Thanks for any help!


//Creates new input boxes for each new marker
var newForm = "Checkpoint " + markerId + " Name:<input type='text' id=" + markerId + " />";
document.getElementById("divForms").innerHTML = document.getElementById("divForms").innerHTML + newForm;


<form id="divForms"></form>
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Have you tried adding the line break tag <br /> to the end of newform:

var newForm = "Checkpoint " + markerId + " Name:<input type='text' id=" + markerId + " /><br />";

Or when assigning the innerHTML:

document.getElementById("divForms").innerHTML = document.getElementById("divForms").innerHTML + '<br />' + newForm;
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Thank you! I was trying "\n", I'm not very familiar with HTML. –  intA Apr 14 '13 at 21:34

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