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Please note(!): I'm installed all required plugins (see rest of my question), so this question is not duplicate! Original question: I setup new Play 2.0 Framework project using Intellj IDEA. But I can't find how to run Play!'s command-line utility in Intellij IDEA. From tutorials I learn it must be accessible from Tools | Play with Playframework.

But I missed this context menu: enter image description here

Where can be problem?

Some additional info:

  • I setup new project using Intellij IDEA wizard.
  • I able to run application from Intellij IDEA using Run command and see result in browser.
  • I use Intellij Idea 12.1.1
  • To be able to create new project from IDEA I installed all additional plugins (Play 2.0 plugin, Scala plugin)
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You need to enable Play! support for particular module. Right-click on the module root, choose "Add framework support..." and choose Play!2.

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Is that available on the community edition? –  Eneko Alonso Jul 5 '13 at 22:51
No, as far as I know. –  Victor Sergienko Jul 6 '13 at 21:02

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