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While I iterating through ObjectStateEntries I expected [t] variable name will be MY_ENTITY

      foreach (ObjectStateEntry entry in
                Type t = entry.Entity.GetType();

but real I have


How can I determine can I cast current entry to MY_ENTITY type?

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Have you tried to compare using the is keyword? –  Silvermind Apr 14 '13 at 22:14
yes,this works. –  Anton Putov Apr 14 '13 at 22:21

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You can get the original entity type of a proxy type by


This is a static method of ObjectContext, so you can readily use in in a DbContext environment.

If for some reason you need the actual entity as its original type you can use the pattern

var entity = entry.Entity as MyEntity;
if (entity != null)

This is slightly more efficient than

if (entry.Entity is MyEntity)
    var entity = (MyEntity)entry.Entity;

because the latter snippet casts the object twice.

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A very good reason for needing to know the original type is for overriding Equals(), as the standard GetType() returns the proxy, which is not the same as the underlying type. –  nicodemus13 May 21 at 8:37

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