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Sublime Text 2 seems like a great editor. I just started using it a week ago in eval mode and it doesn't seem to have any printing functionality. This seems preposterous to me, but I can't find it anywhere.

Is this a feature unlocked after purchase? I see no mention of that on the company website.

Can anyone help?

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If you need the line numbers matching script, then the suggestions of the others are the standard workarounds. I do not normally need line numbers when printing, so I have set up a blank LaTeX formatted document that I use when printing from and saving to *.pdf. I have also set up an insert file here plugin so that I don't have to block and copy -- a surrounding snippet would also work. The LaTeX option is one that I rarely ever see mentioned. There is a very nice plugin for LaTeX, and I've also created some modifications to deal with cleanup issues. There is a learning curve though. – lawlist Apr 15 '13 at 5:35
There's a support thread about this: you may want to bookmark it to keep track of when it might be supported: – Curt May 25 '13 at 22:24
I've been shaking my head in disbelief after I paid my registration fee, when I found out there was no support for printing..... how can anyone dream up a text editor and not provide any printing?!?!?!? C'mon - this is totally utterly brain-dead! – marc_s Jan 6 at 14:07

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This isn't supported yet. You can use plugins to export the text into HTML or RTF first, and then you can print it out, if you want.

Here is for example the SublimeHighlight plugin which you can use for exporting.

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Thanks. But really? in version 2 of a text editor there's no print functionality? Any idea why not? – John Biddle Apr 14 '13 at 22:06
I think it would be a reasonable feature, almost every text editors and IDEs support printing. But there are a lot of more popular feature requests on the todo list, so I accept why it hasn't implemented yet. – Zsolt Apr 14 '13 at 22:22
A software which costs 70$ should support printing. – Oliver F. Jun 9 '13 at 16:13
@BSeven It turns out that ST2 is useful for text editing tasks beyond coding. And while it's awesome that "people" only do a tiny amount of printing, other different people actually print documents fairly frequently, for a variety of reasons. – Dave Newton Sep 24 '13 at 17:34
I was shocked to find this. Heck notepad.exe supports simple printing, When I have to copy anything to have notepad print it, fail++, even if everything else is nice. – Adam Tuliper - MSFT Nov 10 '13 at 7:09

There is also the Simple Print package, which uses enscript to do the actual printing.

Similar to kenorb's answer, open the palette (ctrl/cmd+shift+p), "Install package", "Simple Print Function"

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This should be the correct answer by now, since it makes the workaround with SublimeHighlight obsolete – klaffenboeck Nov 12 '13 at 11:16
+1 that this should be the correct answer. – peacewise May 9 '14 at 9:48
Doesn't work well on Windows. – Marc Mar 4 at 0:13
On Windows it says "Command 'lpstat' not found"... – Giorgio Vespucci May 18 at 9:58
Actually, see the third comment on this issue for the windows workaround @GiorgioVespucci – marsbard May 19 at 8:57
  1. Install the Package Control first and restart your editor. See: install plugins to SublimeText 2
  2. Install Highlight plugin.
    1. Open the pallete, press ctrl+shift+p (Win, Linux) or cmd+shift+p (OS X).
    2. Type and confirm: Install Package
    3. Type and confirm: Highlight or Print

Also see related printing forum topic: Printing from sublime

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This was helpful, thanks. – peacewise May 9 '14 at 9:48

Printing in Sublime Text is a feature that has been requested for about 4 years (as of 2014), with 1600+ supporting votes and 160+ comments in the discussion below. For something around 6000 feature requests this is in the top 5.

See the original, still open, feature request:

enter image description here

Judging from the feature request (still open with no official answer) it seems unlikely that printing will ever get implemented in version 3 (as others have suggested) or in any version at all.

The discussion below this feature request may give some insight on why printing is not supported and whether or not it has a chance to get supported in the future.

Maybe if more people vote or comment it will change in the future.

Some workarounds were suggested, the most popular advices were to use some other editor for printing (eg. Brackets, Atom, gedit, Notepad++) or to use some 3rd party plugins that reportedly don't work well or at all.

In general there is a strong opposition to adding printing as a native feature of Sublime Text which for such a universal functionality among text editors seems surprising, but may nevertheless shed some light on this issue.

Meanwhile, there are many free editors that can print (in fact I cannot think of a single one that couldn't) so it is easy to use some other editor whenever a need for printing arises.

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Sorry to say that there is no print function in sublimetext2, may be 3 will fix this?

Anyway there are a few plugins that are floating about, the most helpful for you might be print-to-HTML .

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I've tried PrintToHTML, and it doesn't really work well with code: code indenting is not respected as it uses a variable width font, and unless all of the indenting in your code consists of all tabs or all spaces, code blocks will just wander all over the page. It may be possible to add some css to the generated XML specifying a mono-spaced font, but this one issue was enough to alienate me from Sublime. As pretty as it is, people have been asking for native printing for three years, and the developer has, for his own ideological reasons, I suppose, chosen to ignore the requests. – Curt Jun 16 '14 at 3:14

Save the file. Right click. Print. Job done. Ridiculous to think Sublime can't print

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This suggested solution must be platform (Windows?) specific, since it does not work on a Mac. – bob quinn Aug 16 at 21:54

I like ExportHTML, which exports to html, opens it up in your browser, and optionally opens the system print dialog. Looks good, too. Not a perfect replacement for native printing, but pretty close.

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