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I have a certain class and i'm having difficulty setting up the__init__ constructor. I need it to take in zero or more strings as arguments, each giving a city name and state abbreviation, and indicating a destination along a tour of US cities.

For example:

Tour("New York, NY", "Lansing, MI", "Los Angeles, CA")

represents a tour that starts in New York city, proceeds to Lansing, and ends in Los Angeles.

Any ideas how to go about doing this using python 3.3?

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Like this:

class Tour:
    def __init__(self, *cities):
        # cities is a tuple of arguments, do what you want with it


When you call

Tour("New York, NY", "Lansing, MI", "Los Angeles, CA")

cities in __init__ will be set to ("New York, NY", "Lansing, MI", "Los Angeles, CA").

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This will do, you then access cities like any tuple: cities[0]... etc. –  pcalcao Apr 14 '13 at 22:00
how can i create cities into a tuple of arguments though? –  Tyler Apr 14 '13 at 22:02
@Mac it already is –  jamylak Apr 14 '13 at 22:03
oh okay, thank you! –  Tyler Apr 14 '13 at 22:05
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This may help...


class Bar:
   def __init__ (self, arg1=None, arg2=None, ... argN=None):

class NEW (Bar):    
    def __init__ (self, my_new_arg=None, ??? )
       self.new_arg = my_new_arg
       Bar.__init__(self, ??? )
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