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is it possible to give a div an Id from image title within. so that any image that is uploaded into an empty div without an id the div.id will copy the images title using js

example pass OSCAR up to div id

<div id="">
<img src="images/image/image.png" title="OSCAR"/>
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Short answer, yes. What have you tried? –  Jonas Apr 14 '13 at 22:11

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Include jQuery and use this code for set div id:

  $("div > img[title]").each(function(){
   var parent = this.parentNode;
   if(!parent.id)parent.id=this.title;//if id is empty, set id from title

Or you can take div so:

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Considering this question is not tagged jQuery and all img should have a title attribute.


var images = document.querySelectorAll('div > img'),
    i = 0,
    len = images.length,

for (; i < len; i++) {
    img = images[i];
    img.parentNode.id = img.title;

Please note that you will have to run the code everytime an image is added to the DOM. If you are using a modern browser that supports the MutationObserver object, you could use it to detect when new images are added.

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