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I am having a strange issue with using indexeddb API in Javascript. The code below generate the error in the subject line:

 var notesdisplay, db;
function initiate(){
  notesdisplay = document.getElementById('notesdisplay');
  var button = document.getElementById('save');
  button.addEventListener('click', addobject);

  var request = indexedDB.open('mydatabase');
  request.addEventListener('error', showerror);
  request.addEventListener('success', start);
  request.addEventListener('upgradeneeded', createdb);
function showerror(e){
  alert('Error: ' + e.code + ' ' + e.message);
function start(e){
  db = e.target.result;
function createdb(e){
  var datababase = e.target.result;
  var mystore = datababase.createObjectStore('notesTable', {keyPath: 'id'});
  mystore.createIndex('searchNotes', 'id', {unique: false});
function addobject(){
  var title = document.getElementById('notesbox').value;

  var mytransaction = db.transaction(['notesTable'], "readwrite");
  var mystore = mytransaction.objectStore('notesTable');
  var request = mystore.add({id: title});
  request.addEventListener('success', show);

  document.getElementById('notesbox').value = '';

function show(){
  notesdisplay.innerHTML = '';
  var mytransaction = db.transaction(['notesTable']);
  var mystore = mytransaction.objectStore('notesTable');
  var myindex = mystore.index('searchNotes');
  var newcursor = myindex.openCursor(null, "prev");
  newcursor.addEventListener('success', showlist);
function showlist(e){
  var cursor = e.target.result;
    notesdisplay.innerHTML += '<div>' + cursor.value.id + ' - ' + ' <input type="button" onclick="removeobject(\'' + cursor.value.id + '\')" value="remove"></div>';

function removeobject(keyword){
  if(confirm('Are you sure?')){
    var mytransaction = db.transaction(['notesTable'], "readwrite");
    var mystore = mytransaction.objectStore('notesTable');
    var request = mystore.delete(keyword);
    request.addEventListener('success', show);
addEventListener('load', initiate);

When I run this from within Chrome I get the error in the subject line. However, when I run this from Firefox a different error is generated (probably on the same lines).


[19:13:54.870] TypeError: db is undefined

Although I am fairly new to Javascript, in my mind the variable db is defined within the start function as here:

function start(e){ db = e.target.result; show(); }

This program is a simplified version of an example I had obtained from a book. This only has one key / value pair.

Any suggestions / pointers as to what could be the issue would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


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I've not been able to reproduce your error, see jsbin.com/ulemat/2/edit in Chrome Version 26.0.1410.64 m, chances are you're using an out-dated Chrome version (Chrome had a lot of issues in the past with the implementation) –  Aaron Powell Apr 15 '13 at 0:54
The version of Chrome I am using is Version 26.0.1410.65 and Firefox is 20.0. It asked me for the update a few day back nad after that the original tutorial code I had started working fine. So it may well be a version thing... –  user2280642 Apr 15 '13 at 20:40
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1 Answer

Your request to open a database connection could be getting blocked. Try adding the following to your initiate function

request.addEventListener('blocked', function() { console.log('blocked'); });
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