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I have created an application with its "callback URL" field as blank. I want to programatically use access_token function of oauth endpoint ( and fetch oauth_token and oauth_token_secret.

I am able to do this from my browser my going to my applications and then generating the access token by click of a button. However, I want to do this automatically via a python program. states that "callback URL" is a mandatory flied. Keeping it blank is not working as results in "401 Unauthorized Failed to validate oauth signature and token" response.

I do not want to use any twitter API wrappers or oauth library.

I have tried the following code -

    import httplib
    import uuid
    from time import time

    host = ''
    url = "/oauth/request_token"
    req = httplib.HTTPSConnection(host)
    req.putrequest("GET", url)
    req.putheader("Host", host)

    uid = uuid.uuid4()
    req.putheader("oauth_consumer_key" , consumer_key)
    req.putheader("OAuth oauth_nonce" , uid.hex)
    req.putheader("oauth_signature_method" , "HMAC-SHA1")
    req.putheader("oauth_timestamp" , str(time.time()))
    req.putheader("oauth_version" , "1.0")
    req.putheader("oauth_callback" , "")
    req.putheader("oauth_signature" , consumer_secret)

    resp = req.getresponse()
    data =
    print resp.status, resp.reason
    print data

This returns "401 Unauthorized. Failed to validate oauth signature and token"

How do I access the my oauth_token and oauth_token_secret for the application which I have created?

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Check out this thread - if you want to implement the entire oAuth2 handshake. Otherwise I am using tweepy, which will take care of that for you.

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