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I have a simple 2D top down survival game where the player simply has to 'run away'/ not collide with the enemies on screen for 30 seconds each round.

After every increment in level the number of each enemy increases.

The Problem

One of my enemy types is in a searching/sleeping state until the player comes a certain distance towards it, then it is in a chasing state, and stays that way until the round ends.

On the earlier rounds where there's only around 30 enemies on screen at once all behaviours work fine. However when i start getting to around a 60+ enemy count this certain enemy seems to chase the player for a little while then seems to go back into the sleeping state - which seems odd considering the following;

public override void Update(SpriteManager inManager)
    this.spriteRectangle.X = (int)position.X;
    this.spriteRectangle.Y = (int)position.Y;

        if (this.collisionRectangle.Intersects(inManager.player.spriteRectangle))
            this.spriteState = SpriteState.Chasing;

        if (this.spriteState == SpriteState.Chasing)
            if (this.spriteRectangle.Intersects(inManager.player.spriteRectangle))
                inManager.player.spriteState = SpriteState.Dead;   

private void CheckForPlayer(SpriteManager inManager)
    if (this.position.X > inManager.player.position.X)
       this.position.X -= X_SPEED;
        this.position.X += X_SPEED;

    if (this.position.Y > inManager.player.position.Y)
        this.position.Y -= Y_SPEED;
        this.position.Y += Y_SPEED;

Can anyone shed any light onto why they think this problem is occurring, my only thoughts are that with a high sprite (maximum is 108) maybe they're all not having time to check for the player, although when I think about that more to me it makes no sense.


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Can you debug it a little further? Check if when it stops moving, if the state is Chasing or if It really did switch states. Maybe this could be a problem of more lag with more enemies? –  Cyral Apr 14 '13 at 23:14
Was a problem with the players state - so thanks for making me check that :) –  Lee2808 Apr 14 '13 at 23:19

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Without full code it is hard to tell, but I take it it is a little mistake somewhere. You should try debugging it and checking if the state is Chasing or if it really did change states. I've also ran into problems with lag with certain amounts of objects (Probably not the problem) so that could also be a possibility.

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