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I have a django project where I use nltk. I get segmentation error while trying to

import nltk

I found the exact line where it happens and it's I also found out that I get this error only in django unit-tests and django shell(actually shell_plus, but I don't thing it changes something), but not in custom management commands (which maybe means, that I won't get this error in production)

I use django django 1.4.5, nltk 2.0.4, python 2.7.3.


UPDATE: Update of python to 2.7.4 hasn't effected

UPDATE: Update of numpy to 1.7.1 and scipy to 0.12.0 hasn't effected

UPDATE: I found the statement, which causes the segfault (I suppose, as much as I moved it from module scope to function scope, which caused segfault not to happen)

from scrapy.crawler import CrawlerProcess

It's the class from crawling scrapy framework, which I used in custom module for executing scrapy spider as a python script. It seems like segfault is not NLTK fault, but scrapy. Probably somehow this class rewrote some data of nltk, that's why it's segfaulted.

share|improve this question is from nltk.util import ingrams. nltk.util doesn't import anything that seems likely to cause a segfault; following the import tree down, it seems to all be from the stdlib. Are you sure that's the right line? – Dougal Apr 16 '13 at 18:36
@Dougal thank you for your attention! I found out, that it's not NLTK, which is segfaulted, but scrapy – eviltnan Apr 16 '13 at 19:04

I had the same issue with CrawlerProcess. Scrapy had failed to install libxml2. Try entering this into the command prompt:

easy_install lxml
pip install scrapy --upgrade

My program executed correctly after this.

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