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in R, I want to create a matrix which is a subset of a matrix mat2 based on some criteria stored in another vector km$cluster$. Specifically, I want to get a subset of mat2 where the row names from km$cluster[km$cluster == 3] (that is the vectors in cluster 3 from a kmeans clustering) are equal to the row names in mat2

  1. How do I get this subset of mat2?
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This should work? Lemme know if it doesn't. First, get all the relevant row names:

clust3 <- row.names(km$cluster[km$cluster == 3])

Now use subset to get to where you need:

subset(mat2, row.names(mat2) %in% clust3)
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mat2[which(km$cluster == 3), , drop=FALSE]

Should work, assuming that row i of km corresponds to row i of mat2

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Use drop = FALSE to stop automatic coercion to a vector when length(which(km$cluster == 3))==1L – mnel Apr 15 '13 at 1:01

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