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We're using Mercurial (with TortoiseHg).

Our repository has been growing steadily in size. Looking in the .hg folder, I see loads of hg-bundle files, most of which are fairly large (from 2-20 MB)

Are these necessary? Are they duplicating changes that are already saved in the store\ directory?

My understanding is that remote pushes and pulls package up diffs into bundle files and send them over to various peer installations.

Do the bundle files get deleted after an hg merge or hg update command? If not, are these files the residue that need to be manually deleted?

Any advice, much appreciated.


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They are either databases or copies of the files. If they are copies, it is for comparing files to see if they've changed.

As for deleting it, don't. Any control directory's (begin with .) should never be tampered with under any circumstances.

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