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I have 2 class libraries (ClassA and ClassB), which are being referenced by another library (ClassX). These libraries are being referenced in a Web Project (Web01).

Originally, only ClassA and ClassB are being used in Web01. When I used ClassX in Web01, it automatically modified my references to ClassA and ClassB. I noticed this because whenever I change ClassA or ClassB, and build Web01, ClassA.dll and ClassB.dll dates are not updated. They are the same dates as ClassX.dll. ClassA.dll and ClassB.dll's date will only be updated until I build ClassX.

Is there a work around on this such that I don't have to build ClassX everytime I do some changes in ClassA and ClassB?

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are all 4 projects in the same solution, and if so are all the references project references? If not, this sounds like expected behaviour... – Jon Apr 15 '13 at 0:56
Visual Studio will only recompile a project if there are changes, so simply compiling the solution will not always result in every project being recompiled needlessly. If all these projects are in the same solution, VS will ensure each is compiled as needed. – IamIC Apr 15 '13 at 1:01
ClassA, ClassB and Web01 are on the same project/solution. When I started ClassX, I also added ClassA and B to its solution. All are project references because I was thinking that whenever I update and rebuild ClassA and ClassB, updates will show in Web01. The problem is I also need to rebuild ClassX. My problem is future development of ClassX will be transerred to others and I cant bother them and ask to rebuilt it unless they have changes. – jmerencilla Apr 15 '13 at 6:44

As mentioned in a comment above, if the projects reside in the same solution, the builds should be cascading.

If they reside in different solutions, then as far as I know, a custom build script would be needed to make sure all are compiled/recompiled and that the proper build order is followed.

Again, this is only as far as I know. There may be other options.

Something else to note, just in case it applies: If you have constant values in any of the referenced assemblies and a constant gets changed, remember to recompile EVERYTHING that references that assembly, as constants get resolved at compile time and replaced with literal values directly in the binary.

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