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should this work or do i need to wait for a new resharper release?

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Looks like v5 will be the one to go for.

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It may work, but I wouldn't count on it. Instead, use the Resharper Preview for VS 2010 (early access program) which is in active development and will remain so until Visual Studio is finalized.

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You need to wait for a new release, but there is a preview release specifically for VS2010:

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In addition to the previous answers ...
When you think about buying ReSharper - just go ahead:

All ReSharper 4.5 purchases made on or after October 15, 2009, qualify for a FREE upgrade to ReSharper 5.0

found here

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ReSharper build 5.0.1526.25 now supports VS2010. Get it form here:

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As of today's date (and probably previously), R# 4.5 works with Visual Studio 2010 but is not optimised nor does it include some of the newer features that version 5 uses.

Additionally, you will lose some of those productivity-enhancing keyboard shortcuts if you do not remember which ones you use regularly. Since Visual Studio 2010 has a lot of the features of version 4.5 anyway (auto type inclusion, remove and sort using statements, etc) then there is not much point in using R# 4.5 with it.

I love Resharper but version 5 has a very high memory overhead - which some development machines do not have. 4 gig is a virtual minimum for a machine running the latest VS and R# releases due to the background compiles that R# does.

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How did you install the 4.5 version that it works in VS2010? – Hace Oct 20 '10 at 13:39

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