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Given the skeleton of a function:

(define gen-hash-division-method (lambda (size)))

as well as:

(define hash-1 (gen-hash-division-method 701))

What I have coded:

(define gen-hash-division-method 
  (lambda (size)
   (lambda (w) 
    (modulo key(flip(w)) size))))

key(flip(w)) takes a list w and returns an integer.

And call:

(hash-1 '(h e l l o))

I keep getting this error:

procedure application: expected procedure, given: (h e l l o) (no arguments) 
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You're getting the error because in Scheme (w) expects w to be a function. But w is just a list of symbols.

In your case you have key(flip(w)) which doesn't make sense in Scheme land.

everything is surrounded by parentheses

You want (key (flip w))

Remember the lisp mantra : (function args ...)

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