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My application JAX-RS/Guice mappings overrides the GAE SDK admin mappings. So I need to explicitly "serve" it through the Guice serve module

    serve("_ah/admin/datastore*").with(DatastoreViewerServlet.class); // does not work
    serve("/appstats/*").with(AppstatsServlet.class); // works!

The problem I face is that I can't find this DatastoreViewerServlet in the GAE SDK class path. I'm GAE SDK version 1.7.5

Tried this: 

but its not there.

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The servlet is in the following jar under your GAE SDK folder.


Copying the jar to your WEB-INF/lib and adding it to your build-path will at least allow you to reference it. As for whether it works as intended after that I hope that you are lucky.

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xybrek: Accepted, then unaccepted - why? – Mark Doyle May 17 '13 at 12:40

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