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I have inherited a install shield project that was using 2010. I upgraded to 2012 IS professional.

I also downloaded the skin customization kit which encounters the following problem. I am trying to use this customization kit to generate new skin file as

CreateSkinFile.exe C:\MySkinFilesSrc C:\CustomizedSkins\setup.isn

It opens and closes immediately. There is no scope of reading the error that it displayed as it opens a new window and closes in a sub-second. There is no log, no trace on what exactly it is complaining.

Is there any way to trouble shoot this and see what the problem is? The ini file is in order per the customization kit guidelines.

btw: I wanted to make sure that I am doing the right thing. I took one of their clown examples and tried to generate a skin using it. That also fails in a similar way. Added to that I used the skin customization kit to extract and used the same exacted ones to make a skin and that fails too.

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Here is what i have found and i hope it helps others.

The kit is written very poorely, as it does not have any verbose or proper error reporting. It opens and closes so fast a human cannot read. Having said that i found that:

  1. The kit that the account representative gave me is for 2012 Spring. Once i rectified that, the problem remains.

  2. The root cause is that, one of images in the skin file does not exist. I have number of images, and i was not careful to look at every one of them. Once i went through and made sure every image is present in the directory, the CreateSkinFile went ahead and generated the ISN file successfully.

Hope it helps some one else.

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