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I'm trying to figure out exactly how schemes work in xcode and what they're for. I have a cross-platform product that's built on OS X using an external build system ( scons ). I'd like to be able to build/debug it from Xcode, mostly because of the symbol search and the debugger. I've been using eclipse CDT which mostly works well, but has some quirks.

I can mostly get this to work by creating an empty project and adding an 'external build system' target. Then, as part of the 'Info' of the target, I specify the 'Build Tool' as /usr/local/bin/scons, and the 'Arguments' are the build parameters that I send to scons. Basically I have the following build variables called $(TARGET) and $(BUILD_TYPE) that vary according to whether the build is debug or release, so those can be specified as conditional 'Build Settings'.

The problem is I'd like Menu->Project->Clean to work. It looks like Xcode/xcodebuilder use the $(ACTION) variable to pass this on - where $(ACTTION) is either 'build', 'clean', or some other build actions. See xcodebuild ACTION. Scons is a bit different - it has a built-in clean action that's invoked on the command line with scons -c. So my first thought was to use a conditional 'Build Setting' to pass this parameter, but it turns out that conditional 'Build Settings' don't seem to vary based on the build ACTION - just the build architecture and SDK.

Is it possible to add an expression to a 'Build Setting' in Xcode/xcodebuilder? Is there another good way that I could get 'Clean' to work in Xcode with scons?

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@ColeJohnson: I really hate it when someone asks a question, "How do I use X?" on Stack Overflow, and someone else responds, "You don't want to use X. Use Y." It's just rude. – Dietrich Epp Apr 15 '13 at 2:34
@Dietrich If the question is indeed, "how do I use X", the question should be closed. From what I am aware, Xcode doesn't support this. I'm suggesting to look at makefiles. – Cole Johnson Apr 15 '13 at 2:37
@ColeJohnson: Questions about tools (compilers, IDEs) are appropriate on Stack Overflow. Telling people that they should use different tools -- without justification -- is inappropriate behavior on this site. Questions should not be closed just because the answer is "no". Please familiarize yourself with the FAQ. – Dietrich Epp Apr 15 '13 at 2:41
@ColeJohnson: Furthermore, the suggestion to use makefiles is patently absurd, if all you are doing with the makefile is calling SCons. – Dietrich Epp Apr 15 '13 at 2:42

Write a wrapper script for SCons, and put it in your project. For example:

External Build Tool Configuration

  • Build Tool: $(PROJECT_DIR)/
  • Arguments: $(ACTION)

Wrapper Script

From an experiment, it looks like $(ACTION) is empty when building, and set to clean when cleaning.

case $1 in
    scons -c

Don't forget to chmod +x your script.

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With SCons, you can programatically set the build to perform a clean using the SetOption() function. The clean option and others that can be set are listed here.

The problem is that SCons treats command line options that arent in the form "--option" or "option=value" as targets. So its not possible to cause something like scons clean to perform a clean. I tested with the Alias() function and could not get it to work.

If you have the option to change the string that xcode uses for $(ACTION) to something like clean=1 then you could something like the following to programatically do a clean:

env = Environment()

if ARGUMENTS.get('clean') == '1':
    print "Setting clean"
    env.SetOption('clean', True)

print env.GetOption('clean')

This will cause a clean:

scons clean=1

You could also consider the AddOption(), but this only allows for options with -- prepended

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Sadly I don't think that that's possible. You can definitely change the value of $(ACTION) - you just can't set it to vary with the build action. In other words, I could set ACTION to be clean=1, or -c for that matter, but then it would be clean=1 even for building. I was really hoping that I could define a 'Build Setting' in xcode using an expression - like creating a variable called CLEAN_VAR and setting it to a shell expression. – Ted Middleton Apr 15 '13 at 19:38

Set your 'Arguments' parameter to end with:


This will translate to:

scons [all your arguments] --clean

If you check the docs for scons here, you can see that --clean works just as well as -c

Clean is the only one that works however, the other build actions always come through blank.

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Update for Xcode 7 - the other build actions no longer come through blank, making this more awkward than it once was – Danny Parker Feb 4 at 9:19

You can use a combination of the answers above, namely:

  1. Set your arguments to something like --xcode-action=$(ACTION).

  2. Put code in your SConstruct like this:

                  help='The action Xcode wishes to perform')
    if GetOption('xcode_action') == 'clean':
        SetOption('clean', True)

This is basically the solution I'm using in scons-xcode.

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