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There are several tutorials on Azure showing how to deploy a node.js server using git. Azure has a nifty feature where you can link a Dropbox folder to an Azure web site for very simple deployments. Works awesome for websites, but I was hoping it might work for node.js deployments as well.

It doesn't seem to work- the deployment process goes fine, but navigating to the URL of the node.js deployment produces this error:

The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.

Anyone know if it's possible to deploy a node.js server to Windows Azure via Dropbox?

Many thanks-

UPDATE- Just ran through the deployment logs and found this line:

The package.json file is not present.
The node.js application will run with the default node.js version 0.6.20.

Perhaps that it explains my problem?

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most node.js providers won't run an app if you're missing a package.json file. here's a good page to get you started: package.json.nodejitsu.com. Also regarding the version, there's a specific parameter/key called engines in package.json, make sure this either 0.8.x (previous stable) or 0.10.x (stable) – booyaa Apr 15 '13 at 8:11
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from the console and folder type "npm init" to generate package.json

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